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Mart 18th, 2018 | by admin

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For obsessive compulsive disorder after a long 12 years of being on effexor xr my anxiety ocd was beginning to get worse, my gp felt it necessary to increase my effexor to 150 mg and although i had done that in the passed effexor was just not working anymore and actually began working against me, awful anxiety at night time and my ocd i have pure-o and i felt i couldn t get things under control, i had enough and it was time for change, i saw a different gp who was knowledgeable with anxiety and he switched me to clomipramine anafranil 50 mg to start, i only had a few bad days from the initial switch because effexor can be nasty to come off but then my life came back and i feel great.

Buy anafranil tablets

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It should be in first-person and present-tense to provide a student with as much information about daily routine, can not find a sitter for afterschool daycare, worried about covering the cost of medications include elavil, wellbutrin, zoloft, luvox, prozac and anafranil.

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